Projects and Missions
The Diocese of Canada is endowed with the care, support, development, and well-being of all the parishes and communities mentioned above. This national responsibility puts many obligations and responsibilities on the Diocese, which could not be met without the assistance of numerous diocesan auxiliary bodies. The Diocesan Council is the most central with administrative and executive responsibilities. It holds regular meetings on a monthly basis to discuss issues and problems concerning the Diocese and its parishes and find timely solutions or remedies for them. The Women’s Guild Central Council is another important body engaged in the daily life of the church, which keeps close contact with its affiliate committees in the parishes. The A.C.Y.O.C. Central Council, the youth organization, with its branches in almost every parish, is another significant body in the life of the Church. It organises various events and activities, such as the annual sports weekend, camps and retreats, which provide fellowship in an Armenian national and religious context. The Armenian Musicians' Association (A.M.A) of Montreal, founded by musicians of Armenian heritage in 1995, also functions under the auspices of the Diocese..

The role of the Diocese is not confined solely to guiding and supervising the parishes. It extends over a large area of other charitable, cultural and social programs and projects. Projects focused on Armenia deserve special attention, namely, a) the Children's Fund for Armenia (CFFA) which provides vital financial help and resources to children orphaned by the 1988 earthquake; b) The construction of the Medical Clinic in Artik, a region in Armenia (AMCP); c) The Canadian Youth Mission to Armenia (CYMA) , a yearly youth summer mission, engaged in a month-long benevolent work in Armenia. In addition to these permanent programs, the Diocese provides various types of aid to Armenia, its people, and the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin. Some of the programs have already been accomplished successfully, others are still in progress.
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