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The Diocese of the Armenian Church in North America was established in 1898 by Catholicos Mkrtich I, Catholicos of All Armenians to oversee the spiritual and cultural needs of the newly established Armenian communities in the United States and Canada. History of the Community

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The roots of the Armenian community in Canada go back to the late 1880s when individual Armenian immigrants established themselves in the province of Ontario.

The first Armenian Church sanctuary in Canada was built in St. Catherines, Ontario in 1930.

Until 1984, Canadian parishes were under the jurisdiction of the Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church of America, headquartered in New York. However, as the Armenian communities in various provinces of Canada grew, in May 1985, the first Diocesan Assembly of the Armenian Church in Canada was convened, after the late Catholicos Vazken I formally declared it an independant diocese.

The Diocese of Canada includes established parishes in Montreal, Toronto, St.Catherines, Hamilton, and Vancouver and smaller communities in Windzor, Mississauga, Ottawa, Laval and Brossard. There are also a number of mission parishes in other parts of Canada with small Armenian populations, such as Halifax, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg.

The Diocese of Canada administers numerous charitable, educational, cultural, and youth-oriented programs, both in Canada and Armenia.

The current Archbishop, His Eminence Abp. Hovnan Derderian was elected Primate of Canada in 1990, and re-relected for a second term in 1995.
Detailed History of the Community

Directory of Dioceses
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